Fall is here, and so are the HVAC savings!

Fall is here, and Mesa residents are finally getting a break from the hot summer heat in Arizona. While you’re enjoying the beautiful weather, now is the best time to think about testing your heater for the winter. Now is also the ideal time for you to replace your HVAC system if you have been

HVAC System Needs Yearly Maintenance

Are Yearly HVAC Checkups A Necessity?

If the question is, “Does an HVAC system need annual maintenance?” then the answer is: no, not really, but that comes with quite a few caveats. If a homeowner wants to know if they should maintain their system annually, the answer is: most definitely. Maintaining a heating and cooling system is not strictly necessary –

Air Flow

Understanding Slow Air Flow In Your HVAC

Proper airflow in an HVAC system ensures conditioned air reaches every corner of a home. If airflow is disturbed for some reason, parts or all of a house may become less than comfortable due to a lack of heated or cooled air. Conditioned air flows through ducts throughout a home. When these ducts become blocked

Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Reduce Allergy Symptoms by Controlling Your Indoor Air Quality

Many people with allergies will avoid the great outdoors when the air is full of pollen and other allergens. However, indoor air quality is just as important to reducing allergy symptoms and preventing respiratory health problems. Allergens like dust, pollen, and animal dander can make their way into your home, triggering allergy symptoms, asthma attacks,

Heating and Cooling for Homesteaders

Thinking About Homesteading? Here’s What You Need to Know About Alternative Heating & Cooling

Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency that has recently become popular across the country. Many homesteaders grow and preserve their own food and often make a lot of their own materials that they need to use in daily living. Those who choose to live this way of life help make a positive impact on the

Electric Resistance Heating

Why You Need Electric Resistance Heating

Modern life without electricity is nearly unimaginable. Whether we’re cooking, typing a memo for work, reading, watching television, or working on a hobby, we can’t do it without electricity. Perhaps because we are so dependent on electricity, we take it for granted. Yet we need to use this resource as wisely as possible, and save

Frequently Asked Questions About SEER Ratings

Frequently Asked Questions About SEER Ratings

SEER is the “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio” for air conditioning units. It’s a term the US Department of Energy uses to rate the energy efficiency of air conditioners. An air conditioner’s SEER is found by taking its total cooling output (in BTUs) during its annual usage period and dividing that by its energy input (in

Emergency Air Arizona Weather Facts and Statistics - Banner

Arizona Weather Facts and Statistics

Record breaking heat, nights as hot as most states highest temperature day time. Blistering Sun! Arizona dwellers know how hot this state can be and find every reason to stay indoors. Call us today and make sure your A/C is working perfectly. While your waiting for us to come service your system, here’s some fun

4th of July - EmergancyAir

Celebrate the 4th of July in Phoenix this Year in Style

At Emergency Air Heating & Cooling, we’ve put together a short list of some fun things to do around town this 4th of July. It’s by no means a complete list, but it has a little something for everyone in it. Hopefully if you’ve been wondering what to do this 4th of July, this will